About Us

Desam Organics is a home grown product line started by our founder Manisha Gupta to introduce the best skin care remedies in today’s world.

Using her educational skills, she made an untiring effort to make sustainable and high quality Natural & Artisanal Soaps and Skin-Care Products using organic and natural ingredients in multiple variants.
She achieved her goal by making over 65 variants of organic and cold processed soaps for different skin types and skin conditions.

Her products are purely hand-crafted using the finest organic elements, thoroughly researched. Desam Organics products are now even recommended by dermatologists to help treat various skin problems of their patients.

She considers the overall nourishment of your skin and believe in using all natural ingredients, making her products free of sulphate cleansers and preservatives. The ingredients are environment friendly, cruelty free and ethically sourced from best authentic & reliable vendors.

Her endeavor is to use the healing properties of Ayurveda into our daily life and advocate the adoption of an all natural, healthy & organic lifestyle by all.

To begin with this, she has a taken step forward towards a healthier and a chemical free journey for you and your family.

Desam Organics products are now available in Pan India on various Organic products stores and on various Online stores too.

So, let’s vision our Mother Earth as a healthy planet with high immunity in all forms of life.