Cucumber Organic Handmade Natural Soap

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Rs. 199.00
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Experience the refreshing and gentle cleansing power of our Cucumber Organic Handmade Natural Soap. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this soap nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. With its crisp cucumber scent, it provides a rejuvenating and relaxing bathing experience. Rich in antioxidants, this soap helps to promote healthy and radiant skin.


Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Organic Cucumber Powder, Vitamin E, Cucumber Essential Oil


  • Hydrates & moisturizes the skin.
  • The cucumber powder present in the soap gives a mild exfoliation, which helps to remove tan and add glow to the skin.
  • It helps to soothe skin burns and rejuvenates skin.
  • The Cucumber Powder gives a natural beautiful greenish-yellow color to the soap.
  • This soap is beneficial for all skin types.
  • The weight of the soap is approximately around 100 grams.


All Organic Soaps are hand-made in small batches. So the product design may sometimes be different from the images. Although all these soaps are made from all natural ingredients we recommend for a patch test on your skin. Before using put a little amount of soap with water & rub below the elbow, wait for 2 minutes & wash off. If you are comfortable & no irritations occur on your skin then continue using.

Weight: 100 grams approx. (as handmade soaps weight may vary slightly in different bars) Show less