Besan (Gram Flour) Handmade Ayurvedic Skincare Soap

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Discover the benefits of using our Besan (Gram Flour) Handmade Ayurvedic Skincare Soap. Made with natural ingredients, this soap gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and refreshed. The gram flour helps to balance the skin's pH levels and reduce inflammation, making it perfect for all skin types. Experience a smoother and healthier complexion with each use.


Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Goat Milk, Organic Gram Flour, Saffron Strands, Turmeric powder, Fragrance oil, Vitamin E


Besan (Gram Flour) is an excellent exfoliant that helps in removing dead cells and deep cleansing the skin. it is also an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for Tan removal and brightening the skin.

👉Acts as a Natural Body Scrub

👉Lightens Dark Arms and Neck

👉Helps In Reducing Acne

👉Helps Getting Rid Of Blackheads

👉Anti-Ageing Properties

👉Beneficial For All Skin Type

Disclaimer: All Organic Soaps are hand made in small batches. So the product design may sometimes be different from the images.

Although all these soap are made from all natural ingredients we recommend for a patch test on your skin. Before using put a little amount of soap with water & rub below the elbow, wait for 2 minutes & wash off. If you are comfortable & no irritations occur on your skin then continue using.

Weight: 100gms approx. (as handmade soaps weight may vary slightly in different bars)

Customer Reviews

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Meenal Gupta
Gentle, soothing soaps

I have been using soaps from Desam Organics for more than a year. All the soaps are high quality, you can almost feel and smell the ingredients. They are gentle to the senses and one also gets the satisfaction of not harming the environment.

Amazing Qualituy

Looks amazing!!.they are very good quality, natural and chemical free.

Very good products

Purchased soap and candle.
Very good products, definitely will purchase more

It is a nice soap!

I don't get reddish patches like I used to get even using store bought soaps like Nivea etc. This makes me want to try more soaps from Desam

Ramit Ghai
Desamorganics Soap Superb No.1

Desamorganics soaps are meticulously developed to produce a mild, skin-nourishing soap that offers a magnificent long-lasting lather and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, and radiantly healthy, It cleanses, moisturize and soothe your skin with a soap bar made with organic oils and plant butters... Pure essential oils, organic herbs, and spices which are added to it is the super best natural process of healing any dead skin too, much loved the 4 flavours which i have received, too good, super quality 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌